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Here’s to Pilot Season

Yo, and welcome to my page. I’m an actor/writer living in New York City, and with Pilot Season in full swing, there are quite a few roles that I would like to audition for. Okay, there are many, but I might only book a few. Here’s a little about me…”intellectual, beautiful, sexual.” (Joking on that last one.) Of course there’s more to a person than that, but those are some starters. I love the arts. (Obviously.) I also enjoy reading, writing, exploring NYC, and trying new things.

Currently my goals are to increase my booking rate (i.e. Under 5ers, Co-Stars, and other Supporting Roles), rewrite two screenplays, and maybe start a new one. So far so good, but truth be told no one can do it all on their own. So if you’re a Casting Director, Personal Manager, or Talent Agent, and you need a nice-looking, slightly eccentric intellectual with a lightly dry sense of humor, please keep me in mind. I’d like to book now more than ever. Thank you for visiting my page. You’ll find my photos, resume, and demo reel here, and maybe a few other things you didn’t expect. (Wink.) Until we meet again.

Ryan Masterson

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